samedi 19 avril 2008

Welcome Word

الســـــــلام عليكـــم

Peace Be Upon You

To all who visit my blog , I say " Ahlen wa Marhaban Bikom " and thanks a lot for connecting the " Voice Of People " .

This is a serious trial toward providing an easy and efficient tool to make my electors in touch and put at the disposal of our dear people a quick means of exchanging mails of different formats .

I hope that my new blog will be a positive addition that serves strengthening the relation between me as member of the Algerian Parliament ( APN) and our electors of different interests .

I've a bit of experience of the social , economic , cultural and political issues but Iam always in need to my visitors ' comments and advice .

I, finally , want to inform my dear visitors that I'm going to start enriching my blog with some of my speech-words on the different issues we debated on during the last spring session ( May to July 2007 )

I do pray Allah to guide us to the best deeds and to bless our good work . " It's him who when he determines a matter , he only says to it be and it is " . Amen !

Sincerely Yours


lundi 14 avril 2008

dear Ric

I am trying to make my best efforts with my new blog :

any comments ?

waiting to receive your advise

yours Filali from Algeria