samedi 19 avril 2008

Welcome Word

الســـــــلام عليكـــم

Peace Be Upon You

To all who visit my blog , I say " Ahlen wa Marhaban Bikom " and thanks a lot for connecting the " Voice Of People " .

This is a serious trial toward providing an easy and efficient tool to make my electors in touch and put at the disposal of our dear people a quick means of exchanging mails of different formats .

I hope that my new blog will be a positive addition that serves strengthening the relation between me as member of the Algerian Parliament ( APN) and our electors of different interests .

I've a bit of experience of the social , economic , cultural and political issues but Iam always in need to my visitors ' comments and advice .

I, finally , want to inform my dear visitors that I'm going to start enriching my blog with some of my speech-words on the different issues we debated on during the last spring session ( May to July 2007 )

I do pray Allah to guide us to the best deeds and to bless our good work . " It's him who when he determines a matter , he only says to it be and it is " . Amen !

Sincerely Yours


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anonyme a dit…

أود أن أقول أنه من الأفضل مخاطبة الناخبين الجزائريين أو البوسعاديين باللغة التي يفهمونها و البدء من الآن بالتجربة اللتي أتمنى أن تنجح و تكون نموذجا.

Tim Rice a dit…

Bravo! I applaud your "trial", and I certainly support your intent to communicate with your electors and strenghten your relationship with them. This is a great step in bringing the vision of a vibrant Algeria to reality.

Ric Cantrell a dit…

Peace be upon you.

Hon. Filali GHOUINI

I love your site so far and I'm looking forward to those speeches. I believe the first comment, above, is worth considering. Those of us who haven't yet learned Arabic and do not speak French can use a web site to read your meaning. I used this site to translate the comment, above.

You could even add a translation button on your site, like Tim added to

Google is probably more useful than Alta Vista's Babel Fish because they include Arabic as well as French.

Kris Amundson a dit…

It's always a challenge to blog as an elected official--but I have found it's well worth it! You'll have a great chance to talk to the people who vote for you--and others around the world who are interested in Algeria. Count me among that number.

بوراي a dit…

السلام عليكم
تمنيت لو كان هذا الموقع بالعربية فهي لغة الجميع
زيادة على الانجليزية لغة العالم
لكن شريحة قليلة تفهمهافقط

Wendy Madsen a dit…

Hon. Filali GHOUINI,

I think including your speeches and thoughts on issues on your blog is a great idea. It allows you to communicate your message directly to the public without any other filters. Good luck and I am so excited to see this blog.

I am going to attempt to provide this same message in Arabic below using the Google translation service. I apologize if the translation is not very accurate. Peace be upon you.

هون. Ghouini الفيلالي ،

واعتقد ان وضع الخاص بك والخطب وافكارك حول القضايا الخاصة بك على بلوق هي فكرة عظيمة. انها تسمح لك الاتصال على رسالتكم الموجهة الى الجمهور دون اي فلاتر اخرى. حظا سعيدا وانا انظر الى ذلك بالاثاره هذا بلوق. وانا ذاهب الى محاولة تقديم هذه الرسالة نفسها باللغه العربية دون استخدام صور داءره الترجمة. اعتذر اذا كانت الترجمة ليست دقيقة للغاية. والسلام عليكم.